8″ Slurry Discharge Hose


Per 33 ft. 

Sold in 33-ft (10m) sections

($4,158.00 per hose)

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High Abrasive 8-inch Slurry Hose

SOLD in 33-Ft (10m) Sections

DAE Hose 8-inch Slurry Hose Assemblies are used for the safe transport of a wide range of abrasive or corrosive materials, in addition to slurries with high solids. Our 8-inch slurry hoses are gum-lined with a 150 PSI rating. They are available in 33-foot (10 meters) sections, please let us know the desired length of hose. Quotes will be priced on the full length of hose.

Application: Suitable for use in dredging, mining, oil, construction, agricultural, sewage, and chemical industries.

Advantages: Inner cover with excellent abrasion-resistant and high quality, outer cover as excellent aging resistance, and corrosion resistance. The bending angle working condition is from 0°-45°.

Reinforcement: Steel braided synthetic cord incorporating a steel wire helix.

Ideal working temperature: -20°C to 50°C.


ApplicationsIdeal for discharge of seawater, sand, abrasive materials due to more flexibility and high wear resistance.
Technical ParametersTube: NR, BR, SBR
Reinforcement: High tensile strength fabrics with helix steel wire
Cover: NR, CRNo Negative Pressure
Safety Factor3:1
Working Temperatures20℃ to 80℃
FlangeStandard ANSI 150 PSI Fixed Flange
Inner DiameterOuter DiameterThickness of Inner Layer Working Pressure LengthFlange ANSI 150 PSI
8” (203 mm)9.3” (237 mm)5/16” (8 mm)150 PSI33’ (10 m)Carbon Steel

Standard ANSI 150 PSI Flange Specification

Normal DiameterNumber of Bolt HolesDiameter of Bolt HolesFlange ThicknessOuter Diameter of Flange
8” (203 mm)87/8” (22 mm)1.15” (29 mm)13.5” (345 mm)

Bend Radius

Normal Diameter Range
8” (203 mm)48” – 80” (1220 mm – 2030 mm)