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Dredging Hose Features

Newly Engineered, Highly Resistant, Inner Rubber Compound

  • Capable of Handling High Solids
  • High Viscosity/Gravity Pumping
  • High Abrasives Pumping
  • Low pH & Chemical Pumping
  • Designed to Prevent and Reduce Clogs
  • Results in Longer Lifespan & Minimal Downtime

Dredging Hoses for Abrasive & Corrosive Slurry Discharge

A slurry hose suitable for use in dredging, mining, oil, construction, agricultural, sewage, and chemical industries.   The hose is the best high slurry hose on the market and can handle the most abrasive slurry at pressures of up to 150 PSI.   The inner rubber liner has is the most abrasion-resistant hose rubber with the highest quality.  The outer cover is developed with the most aging resistance and corrosion-resistant material. The bending angle working condition is from 0°-45°. The dredge slurry discharge hose is used for the dredging applications and other pumping applications in the mining, oil, chemical, wastewater, and other demanding industries.

Dredging Hoses & Specs

ApplicationsIdeal for discharge of seawater, sand, abrasive materials due to more flexibility and high wear resistance.
Technical ParametersTube: NR, BR, SBR
Reinforcement: High tensile strength fabrics with helix steel wire
Cover: NR, CRNo Negative Pressure
Safety Factor3:1
Working Temperatures20℃ to 80℃
FlangeStandard ANSI 150 PSI Flange, one side fixed, other side is movable
Standard I.D. (Inch)Standard I.D. (MM)Outside Diameter (MM)Thickness of Inner Layer (MM)Working Pressure (PSI)Length / PC (M)Flange ANSI150PSI
4"102128815010Carbon Steel
6"152182815010Carbon Steel
8"203237815010Carbon Steel
10"254288815010Carbon Steel
12"300338815010Carbon Steel

Standard ANSI 150 psi Flange Specification

Normal DiameterNumber of Bolt HolesDiameter of Bolt HolesFlange ThicknessOuter Diameter of Flange
4"818 mm22.5 mm228 mm
6"822 mm24 mm278 mm
8"822 mm29 mm405 mm

Bend Radius

Normal Diameter
Normal Diameter (mm)Range
4"620 mm620 mm to 1020 mm
6"920 mm920 mm to 1520 mm
8"1220 mm1220 mm to 2030 mm
10"1530 mm1530 mm to 2540 mm

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