12″ Slurry Discharge Hose


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Sold in 33-ft (10m) sections

($6,006.00 per hose)

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High Abrasive 12-inch Slurry Hose

SOLD in 33-Ft (10m) Sections

DAE Hose 12-inch Slurry Hose Assemblies are used for the safe transport of a wide range of abrasive or corrosive materials, in addition to slurries with high solids. Our 12-inch slurry hoses are gum-lined with a 150 PSI rating. They are available in 33-foot (10 meters) sections, please let us know the desired length of hose. Quotes will be priced on the full length of hose.

Application: Suitable for use in dredging, mining, oil, construction, agricultural, sewage, and chemical industries.

Advantages: Inner cover with excellent abrasion-resistant and high quality, outer cover as excellent aging resistance, and corrosion resistance. The bending angle working condition is from 0°-45°.

Reinforcement: Steel braided synthetic cord incorporating a steel wire helix.

Ideal working temperature: -20°C to 50°C.


ApplicationsIdeal for discharge of seawater, sand, abrasive materials due to more flexibility and high wear resistance.
Technical ParametersTube: NR, BR, SBR
Reinforcement: High tensile strength fabrics with helix steel wire
Cover: NR, CRNo Negative Pressure
Safety Factor3:1
Working Temperatures20℃ to 80℃
FlangeStandard ANSI 150 PSI Fixed Flange
Inner DiameterOuter DiameterThickness of Inner Layer Working Pressure LengthFlange ANSI 150 PSI
12” (300 mm)13.3” (338 mm)5/16” (8 mm)150 PSI33’ (10 m)Carbon Steel

Standard ANSI 150 PSI Flange Specification

Normal DiameterNumber of Bolt HolesDiameter of Bolt HolesFlange ThicknessOuter Diameter of Flange
12” (300 mm)121” (26 mm)1.26” (32 mm)19” (485 mm)

Bend Radius

Normal Diameter Range
12” (300 mm)72” – 120” (1820 mm – 3040 mm)